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We believe nature has the answers.
GREENLIGHT offers referrals and consultancy on medicinal cannabis-based therapy and other alternative healing modalities, including the best products and services to treat each individual's symptoms. Put your health in the hands of nature!

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It started with a sensitive scalp. Undiagnosed I went about my business only to then experience some intense pain in my glands and lymph nodes around my neck. Off to the doctor for my worst fear - Facial Shingles.

I was lucky that I caught it early and was able to attack the virus with anti-viral medication. But that only attacks the root cause and not the physical ailment that accompanies shingles - sensitive skin, rash and blisters.

I reached out to Green Light Health after reading of so many shingles sufferers in the USA who recommended treating shingles with CBD/THC balms and oils. 3 days later and my package arrived and the balm provided instant relief.

I'm now 2.5 weeks since the start of the virus and I'm back to pretty much 100% health - you can hardly even notice where the blisters were.

I have no doubt that the Green Light recommended balm mix has aided and accelerated my recovery.

- Scott

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer early last year when my PSA reading increased after remaining steady for several years. The diagnosis was confirmed by an MRI and a biopsy. As it was rated at level 3 and moderately aggressive, I began to investigate the conventional treatments of surgery and radiation therapy both of which have quite significant side effects. However, during that time I was extremely fortunate to be introduced to Greenlight Health and started on a course of cannabis oil combining both CBD and THC. Over the next few months my PSA dropped to the levels that it had been at prior to the initial diagnosis. Even more encouraging was the fact that an MRI performed a year after the initial one showed no perceptible change in the size of the cancer. At this stage I am confident that the cancer is in remission and am continuing with a maintenance dose of the oils.

I am extremely grateful to Greenlight for their willingness to share their extensive experience in the use of medicinal marijuana for the treatment of a range of health issues and have no hesitation in recommending them.

- Clay

I found Greenlight by way of a very trusted source and cannot thank him enough.

Thank you is never going to be enough to express the joy of not seeing your child hurt themselves. My daughter is 15 and has Autism and is non verbal and has vasculitis. The doctors could not help as she's under 18 they only let her have naprogesic.

Having the cannabis oil has stopped her non stop screaming and crying and most importantly no hospital visits for self harming.

No words could ever express this family's gratefulness in Green Light Health, our daughter is happy again and so are we. God Bless you.

- Bianca

I can't thank Greenlight enough.

I went into a depression after losing my wife of twenty-four years. She was my high school sweetheart.

I was prescribed a variety of medicines, which I believe exasperated my depression as it served only to numb me. Personally I found it quite contrary to what I required which was time to consider and work through my grief, this was impossible while being so desensitized, numb. Zombie like.

I was also drinking a lot which was a gross error on my part, that and the pills caused severe depression, I couldn't process anything. Where I was once efficient and successful, I become utterly useless. I even came close to losing my business.

Unsuccessfully I just couldn't ween myself off the pills and the alcohol, I could feel it killing me slowly.

Greenlight was introduced to me via another carer who had lost her husband.

After a brief conversation with Greenlight they recommended I give medical cannabis a try.

What I was given worked instantaneously. I lost any craving for alcohol and also stopped using pills. The cannabis did not inhibit me in anyway, it was subtle and seemed to work in the background. I resumed full time work and my business is thriving again.

Thank you Greenlight I am ever grateful to you.

- Hieu

Having recently been diagnosed with persistent Atrial Fibrillation and put on a fairly severe regime of pharmaceuticals, at a friends recommendation I have tried CBD oil as a remedy for bouts of stronger AF.

Having read some of the literature on the use of cannabis oils to treat cancer and some other diseases, there seems to be little or no information on its efficacy in treating AF.

Possibly unsurprisingly, I found immediate relief from rapid AF and have found the use of CBD to be extremely beneficial in treating this very discomforting physical disorder.

I have not stopped taking the prescribed pharmaceuticals, Sotalol and Amlodipine, with the blood thinner Eliquis, but under supervision of the doctor I have lessened my reliance on these, quite invasive, medicines and am very pleased with the steady ongoing relief provided by the CBD oil, which seems to have zero negative side affects along with marked decrease in AF.

These observations bring up the question of the lack of medical research into, what is now considered, a proven medicine with wide ranging health benefits for many, all too common, debilitating diseases, including many life threatening ailments, such as heart disease. More, obviously needs to be done on so many levels to bring this powerful healing tool into the public arena. I am hoping for a future where the 'demonisation' of this plant ends and the real research begins.

- Philip

I cannot thank you enough for the help you have provided to my dad who suffers from Parkinson's Disease.

After my dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, my family noticed a dramatic shift in his moods and energy levels. About two months after the diagnosis he developed depression and anxiety as a side effect of Parkinson's Disease. He often found it difficult to start the day and lost his enthusiasm for his general day to day life.

Some of the medications my dad was prescribed would make him feel nauseous and dizzy. I believe these side effects as well as his anxiety and depression, contributed to the days he would not get out of bed or eat. My mum found he had lost his appetite and would have to make a conscious effort to have him eat everyday.

Both of my parents are quite old fashioned, traditional people. They were hesitant in the beginning to try CBD oil or to look at alternative medicines. In the end, they realised they didn't have much to loose and everything left to gain. Both of my parents are now avid activists for CBD oil and medicinal marijuana to be more accessible in Australia . My mum especially, who has witnessed the dramatic change in my dads life, cannot recommend it more to anyone who suffers not just from Parkinson's Disease, but from depression or anxiety also. The quality of life my dad now has is so positive and full in comparison to before he had access to CBD oil.

Although there is no cure to Parkinson's Disease, there is a way for people who suffer this disease to have a full and meaningful life. CBD oil has lessened the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease, contributing to my dad being able to enjoy life to the extent before his diagnosis.

I am hopeful that the word is spreading and people are becoming more aware of the enormous health benefits and the amazing healing that can come from a plant based medicine like cannabis oil. There needs to be more reform in Australia for this type of medicine to be more accessible to people who would benefit from it.

I really can't thank you enough for helping my dad. It really is a horrible thing to see someone you love suffer, especially when there is something so beneficial that could help them, but is so hard to access if you don't know who to ask. My mum still grates at the fact that their GP could not offer any information or advise on cannabis oil and its health benefits.

You are really helping those who suffer and should be very proud of the work you are doing.

- Emma

My son was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma (tumours in his eyes) at 4 months old in Oct 2015. We were given the diagnosis by a paediatric opthalmologist and the next morning we were at PMH for his first chemo treatment.

He had 2 rounds of treatment, and his tumours initially responded to the chemo, and shrunk. His oncologist wanted to do a second round of chemo with the same drugs, which we agreed to. Midway through the 2nd round, his tumours stopped responding to the chemo. they started growing again. In between the chemo, he was having a monthly MRI, and either cryotherapy or laser therapy, or a combination of the two, to also try combat the tumours. Nothing was working.

The oncologist told us, if by the end of his 2nd round nothing had improved, we would have to think about the strong possibility of having to remove his eyes. One definitely, and possibly both if the tumours could not be controlled.

We had been looking into the possibility of trying cannabis oil, and this news had pushed us over the edge, so we decided to take the plunge and start the oil. After speaking to Green Light Health, my mind was at ease and we had a plan in action to ease our son into the oil, and as a 14 month old, we weren't sure what effects it would have on him. After a month of CBD, he was started on a THC and CBD mix. Within 4 weeks of starting this mix, his tumours had drastically reduced. He had started putting on a little bit of weight, wasn't needing to have his anti nausea medication, and was eating properly again. He was behaving just like a normal toddler, instead of being too sick to play, have playdates, and just wanting to be held all the time because of how he felt. We had 1 more round of chemo, with the addition of a stronger drug, just to make sure the tumours were going to be gone for good.

6 months after starting the oil, our son's tumours had stopped growing completely, and his oncologist stopped the chemo.

He has had 1 slight tumour regrowth, which was the result of us trying to wean him off the cannabis, and that happened 1 year to the day of him stopping chemo. As soon as we adjusted his oil dose back to full strength again, the next month at his MRI, the tumours weren't growing.

So you can't say that this oil hasn't saved both my son's life, as well as his eyes! Throughout our journey, and even still today, Green Light Health has been absolutely amazing. I know that I can pick up the phone and give Green Light a call, and he will be able to answer any questions I may have, or put my mind at ease of I feel like I have done something wrong, or just to have a chat.

If it wasn't for Green Light Health's absolute passion and drive to help people like my son, we would definitely not be where we are today, with a beautiful child who is able to live and enjoy life to the fullest.

- Danielle

In February 2017 my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 B-cell Non Hodgkins Lymphoma.

This diagnoses had her suffering unbearable pain throughout her body which no pain relief medication could relieve.

Once we got the diagnosis the Oncologists decided to treat her with 6 rounds of R- CHOP Chemotherapy. In the past I had read how people had been successfully treating cancer with Cannabis oils. After reaching out to a few friends I was put into contact with Green Light Health. After having a conversation about treating the cancer with Cannabis oils we decided it was worth a shot, .. Green Light was able to advise my mum on both THC and CBD oils that inevitably helped save her life and relieve her of all her cancer causing pain and ailments she was suffering so much so she need not take a single pain killer throughout the duration of her chemotherapy treatment.

From the very first drop of Cannabis oil it was an instant turnaround, she quickly regained her lost appetite, the pain began to subside and was on her way to recovery. Not only was it helping with the side effects of Chemo it was helping her with all round health, her eyesight was restored and no longer needs to wear reading glasses, blood pressure is best its been in over 30 years.

I truely believe without the help of Greenlight Health consulting us it could have been a whole different story, Greenlight has been an amazing help throughout my mums recovery, giving advise when able and was very supportive.

I definitely recommend Green Light services to ANYONE suffering from any health issues.

- Matt

My husband has been using Green Light Health consultancy services since June 2017.

He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer stage 4 and given 4 months. I was fortunate enough to be given their number immediately. I rang and spoke to them at length and they was so lovely and very very knowledgeable. My husband started chemo on a Friday (folfirinox, the worst of chemo) and started cannabis based therapy on Saturday. I am so happy to say that he has never vomited, had diarrhoea and kept his hair. Probably a couple of kilos too much. A little tiredness after treatment but he still works a physical job and walks 18 holes of golf! I have had batches tested at the start in Israel and it is amazing with all the right things and none of the rubbish like accelerators.

I have referred so many different people to Green Light to be consulted on how cannabis based therapy can help Motor Neurones, Epilepsy, Migraines, different cancers, multiple scoliosis, general pain as well as many other things. I keep in touch with these people to see how they are going. I have never had one negative comment in regards to Green Light. I'm happy to talk to anyone in regards to Green Light Health. They truly were our Angels when we had nowhere else to start.

- Lisa

During August 2018 I received the unwanted diagnoses of having terminal inoperable pancreatic cancer stage 4 with mets to the liver & lymph nodes.

Understandably I was shocked and devastated but my partner Kathy was determined to fight and searched other options. A positive post on facebook from Lisa about cannabis oil caught her eye. Kathy contacted Lisa and her advice was exactly what we were looking for and we got the contact details for Greenlight.

I started the cannabis oil 1st week after commencing chemo. During the past 11 months on the cancer journey I have experienced no vomiting and the nausea & diarrhoea has been minimal while on chemo. I have not lost any hair and have a pretty healthy appetite majority of the time.

My scan results continue to amaze the doctors with the last PET scan showing no signs of cancer in my body. These unheard of results means I have now not had chemo for 19 weeks and am feeling fit and healthy.

There is no proof that these results are from the cannabis oil or the chemo but compared to others on just chemo my results have been outstanding making the future look very positive.

- Wayne

My Son was born prematurely at 25 weeks. After spending 5 months inside the Neonatal ICU then being discharged home, we later received a diagnosis of spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and complex epilepsy, he's now 18 months old. The nature of his epilepsy is aggressive and drug resistant. We have trailed 10 different anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) None of which have worked. We have suffered through a continuous marry-go round of drugs, side effects and hospital admissions. He can have upward of 150 – 200 seizures per day. Due to the level and nature of his C.P he is often in intense, sever chronic pain as his muscles stiffen, contract, extend and contort into painful positions. As his neurological activity is so strong not even heavy-duty benzodiazepines help to relax his muscles, we often go through 'honeymoon' phases with such drugs where they work for a week or two and then stop working completely, providing absolutely no benefit.

Before consulting with Green Light, my Son would scream for up to 8 hours a day, contending with muscle spasms, seizures and pain. Adding to this, the link between wake and sleep cycles trigger his neuro activity the most which cause him to be bombarded overnight with even more intense episodes. It can be near impossible for him to sleep, eat or relax while under these neurological attacks.

We first introduced CBD oil to treat seizures, however as the complex medical needs of my Son begun to grow, with seemingly no conventional medicine to help, we now use a combination of THC and CBD oil to treat a full range of my Son's health issues including chronic pain, sleep, body spasms and seizures. We've also used it to increase his appetite enough to continue with oral feeding and balance some of the more significant side effects associated to AEDs. Similarly, we have used the oils to alleviate withdrawal symptoms when he has had to wean off benzodiazepines. CBD & THC oil is the only medicine that has provided any longer-term relief.

Although we still face complex daily challenges (and are not yet seizure free) what Green Light Health has done for us, is make the unbearable, bearable. It has given my Son the opportunity to be able to enjoy moments of laughter, play, fun and love. It's brought back his smile and it has given us hope. The use of these oils has significantly improved my Son's quality of life. For this, I am immensely grateful to have access to such life changing health advice and medicine.

- Angie